NH Club

The purpose of our club is a formation of an international platform for communication, work, education and training in design sphere.

Club’s advantages

Club’s member has an opportunity to:

  • Have an access to our international clients database.
  • Use hidden portal’s resources such as planner, 3D models and textures.
  • Get an official reward for usage of Nash Homer platformin a practical work.
  • Get an official reward for Nash Homer project promotion.
  • Use discounted design hub services at any of our branches over the world.
  • Get live updates, fresh information on design news and trends.
  • Participate in international competitions.
  • Visit events and lectures within Nash Homer brand.
  • Visit international exhibitions with the support of Nash Homer.
  • Visit Nash Homer corporate events.
  • Participate in the international educational program.
  • Use all other benefits not listed above that appear in due process of work.

How to join

Email your prior application to club@nashhomer.com or leave it with a design hub’s administrator.

Rules and regulations for entry will be announced after the period of data collection and processing of applications.