Understanding Christmas. Explore World traditions with infographics

31 December
New Year is a holiday with rich history and traditions.  We decorate Christmas trees, buy tangerines and cook festive dishes. But do we really know everything about our favourite holiday? How is it celebrated in other countries? Let's learn right now!  

Santa Claus in different countries 

We can’t imagine New Year without a kind white-bearded man carrying a bag full of presents. Meanwhile, the main New Year figure in different nations looks differently and correspondingly has different names. In Italy, for instance, it is Babbo Natale, in Switzerland – Christkindl, in China – Dun Che Lao Ren. 

Santa Claus in different countries

"Merry Christmas!"

If you are going to celebrate winter holidays abroad you surely need to know congratulations in foreign languages.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas drinks 

The list of most popular Christmas and New Year drinks will be quite to the point. Moreover you can find here the recipes which won’t be out of place for a holiday table. For example, according to infographics, the national Siberian drink is the mixture of vodka, coffee liqueur, cream and peppermint schnapps.  

Christmas drinks

Christmas and pets

Another interesting fact is that the English have an absolutely special attitude to their pets and are ready to share celebrations with them.  Have you known that 84% of English people consider pets family members, 64% buy presents for them and 21% cook special festive dinners?  

Christmas and pets


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